Lie Lay Lain’s first exhibition, titled Furniture of Desire, starts as a location, an apartment, and the clear understanding that the space is filled with objects and people that we desire to keep close. The artists in the show either similarly collect or fashion materials and concepts that are reflective, thoughtful, productive, attractive. Their presence draws us in to see a blurry version of who and what we think we possess.  

A few predictions. Bader, the trickster of the group, may make the work or he will mimic making the work, definitely work the making. He comes to dinner a few weeks before the opening, porting a tote bag with scavenger parts of a life, parsing the language of the invitation and transforming it into an intervention. Deschenes will have it all planned out. Beautiful surfaces, mysterious hanging system, alchemical record-keeping etched on rectangles – resisting the image. Feher we invoke and invite into our home. The always welcome guest, his touch on the space aligns the physics, the geology, and the refraction of light into a local perception of the building’s seismic integrity. Levine decided to show a mask, hung high on the wall, a deity out of reach. In the hanging of each, we admit the compromise of possession.

Lie Lay Lain lives! A clean, well lit space subject to dust, blood, crumbs, wind, thumps. We welcome nearly all aesthetic trojan horses. 

The exhibition opens with a reception November 16th from 5 to 7 and will be open by appointment through December 19th.